WEB US 360 Price KESA Software Basic Version, Intermediate Version, Full Version, General Ledger, Customer (Calendar, Prospect List. Contact List), Supplier, Supplier Pre-Authorized Deposit (PAD), Inventory,
 General Invoicing, Transport Invoicing (per ticket), Automotive Mechanical Invoicing, Contract Invoicing, Order Management, Submission and Purchase Order,
 Requisition Management, Employee Records Management, Vehicle Records Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Bid Tracking and After-Sales Tracking, Inter-User Communication Centre,
 Technical Support and Call Tracking Management, Project Management, Production Management, Mass Email Sending (Customers/Suppliers), Integrated Calendar, Calendar Synchronization with Google, Integrated Word Processing,
 Integrated Spreadsheet, Integrated PDF Reader, Retail Point of Sale, Restaurant Option (Counter Sale and Table Service) not available for rent